#2,656 Media Day + My Homies.

We started the day on a super surreal note at the new Time Inc. building for an interview with People Magazine! I mean how did this happen, y’all?! We waited forever for the People signage to appear but it kept going through every other publication they have and we settled for People Espanol, which was hysterical to us.

Next was a short online interview with Fox:

And then we were done for the day. And you know what we did on this stormy, blustery, icy cold day in NYC? We went to our hotel room, put on our pajamas, took a nap and watched a movie. It was the most glorious, extravagantly restful thing we’ve done in a long time and I loved every minute of it. Later we met up for dinner with some of our Home Town family, Angie, Tim and Lindsey, for dinner at our old favorite, Il Cantinori, and gelato around the corner.

It’s so good to have familiar faces who feel like family in all corners of the country. I love these people right here.