#215 Supper Club is back.

I loved tonight. The rain set in around 5 o’clock which cooled things off considerably. People are all back in town at the same time and I think this means fall is really coming regardless of what the heat index says. We took off from supper club last month and had slim attendance in June, but we totally made up for it this month. We had a big crowd and everyone was so glad to see each other. This was Hope’s first one since she got back from the Philippines, and Annalee’s first one since she moved back home to Laurel, so they both had a lot of meeting to do. Ben showed a Nooma called ‘Corner’ that was about giving up your excess for someone’s necessity. As in, we’re all blessed beyond measure — as Christians, it’s our job to share our overflow blessings (talent, education, wealth, ability whatever you have a lot of) whenever we can. I think the good people in our church do that more often than not and I’m proud to be a part of a family like that.

And this is what Annalee’s pitiful pregnant ankles looked like at the end of the night:
Pray for her.