#216 Hello Dearie.

Earlier this summer, my friend Dawn flew the day-job coop in search of greener pastures as an etsy seller. She makes these sweet customized rag dolls and bunnies, aprons and lots of other fun textile goods and was even a featured etsy seller not long ago. We met randomly in the post office a few days after I started this blog, and we’ve been close buds ever since. In fact, tomorrow will be our 8 month anniversary as friends!
Last night she asked me if I could make her some letterpress calling cards for Hello Dearie, and I got it in gear this afternoon and churned out a proof that I’m SO excited to see in print. She’s going to use her sewing machine to stitch along the tops and bottoms of the 100% cotton cards (I think she should use several different colors throughout the batch!). Here’s a a little preview of what’s to come!