#217 Everybody loves Kare Bear.

Because she’s such a loved columnist of the Review, Mama was asked to speak at 39ers (a monthly luncheon that is mostly comprised of elderly folks) at our church about her writing, and she has been SO nervous about it for weeks now. The day finally came and all her fears were relieved because they loved having her SO much. She sold every last one of the books she brought (over 20 of them), and she just knew no one would want one. I wish I knew what it took to make her believe she’s just as good as Elizabeth Berg or any other New York Times bestselling author. I guess there’s just a little insecurity in our gene pool because I understand how that feels. Maybe little gatherings like this will eventually change her tune. I never stopped being impressed by her talent.
On a side note, I won an auction for the Frye riding boots of my dreams tonight for a dreamy price. Thank you, eBay.