#230 Dinner at the Patricks.

There are a ton of cool things about living downtown in a loft, but the inability to grill out is not one of them. When someone invites us over for steaks, we count it as a holiday in this house. Chad and Annalee wanted to have us over since it’s a pleasure we don’t get to enjoy at our own house, and we seriously feasted. The 9 months pregnant lady “threw together” hashbrown casserole, sour cream muffins, homemade mac and cheese, and banana pudding. We brought my favorite squash recipe, and Chad took care of the steaks. I wish I had gotten a good picture of Annalee since it might be the last photo taken before she becomes a mommy. I mean, she is literally about to pop at any second. But don’t you worry, because we got a picture of their totally bad-A steak knives:
Ben was amazed.
I am amazed by how clean that plate is.