#231 Dreaming.

When Ben and I first started dating, we would take these long walks on 5th and 6th avenue and for some reason this always got us talking about our plans and hopes and dreams for our future life together. It’s been a while since we did that now, mostly because I think we’re really living exactly the kind of dream life we hoped for and it feels like for now there’s nothing to say about that.

Today we took another one of those long walks, and Ben opened up to me about some things he feels he’s seriously being called to do. Not right now, but a few years down the road, he has great plans that I can’t wait to watch unfold. For a while, it’s just been an inkling of a notion, but this idea has been weighing on him lately, and I’ll be right by his side if he decides to try that adventure someday (no mama, he’s not going to become an elder and move me far far away from you ;).
We also started thinking of the select few houses we would consider leaving our sweet downtown apartment for if they were to come up for sale, and that maybe maybe MAYBE possibly, is the first seed God’s planting in my heart to want to someday let our family grow. Anyone who knows us knows we love being a twosome, the freedom of being childless and dogless and carefree, but I am really not totally closed off to someday having a child. I know God will do what he wants, but I really think today’s walk opened up some possibilities in my heart and mind. Or at least, got me warmed up to the idea of thinking about the possibilities. One day.