#232 Family dinner party.

It’s been a long time since we trusted our air conditioning enough to invite a bunch of people over for dinner. Since it’s recently cooled off a smidge we though it would be a fun night to have my family come over to eat. I cooked roast, sauteed green beans and my grandmother’s famous homemade biscuits, Ben made homemade mashed potatoes and mama brought over an apple crisp made from the apples that grow in their backyard. I have to brag a little and tell you that my biscuits were honest to goodness, truly EXACTLY like mammaw’s and my brother couldn’t get over it. Now I’m going to be the designated biscuit master at all family gatherings because mammaw swears she’s gotten too old and crazy to remember how… Yet she had a hot pan of them waiting when we came over last weekend. I digress.
Here’s how it went:

I will never be able to catch him smiling for a picture. Ever.

He wants my fancy camera. Too bad, bub.