#260 Girls’ night.

I hardly ever get to spend any significant amount of time with my sweet sister-in-law Allison, and tonight she invited me on a girls’ night out with she, her friend and her sister while Ben and Tom did man stuff together. I’m so used to days spent in our quiet apartment with Ben, wrapping orders in my pajamas and sending email for 12 hours on end so it was good do something out of the ordinary. We had dinner and went to see the new Drew Barrymore movie which I knew little about, but really liked. I’ve always loved Drew since I saw Mad Love in junior high and thought she had SUCH a cool short haircut. I’m usually withdrawn in conversation around girls (I was a little of tomboy in those crucial years of learning how to be friends), but tonight I feel like I did an okay job of socializing. I hope this is just the first of many fun nights out for us Napier sisters.