#261 It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Football season is here. In high school it meant nothing to me, in college it was usually a nuisance when I was trying to get across town on game day, but after I graduated I developed an extreme soft spot for it. It’s so American, such a rich tradition in our part of the country (especially in the SEC, and ESPECIALLY considering I’m an alum of Ole Miss) that I feel like I missed out on, and now I’m trying to catch up on all the fun I missed. I mean, how romantic is fall?
We just rolled in from Oxford, dejected and depressed by the Rebels’ loss to Vanderbilt, but gosh it was good just being there on game day. There’s no place on earth like Ole Miss during football season. In the Grove after the game, you’d never have guessed we lost because the party went on without missing a beat. We took Jesse along who suffered 3rd degree burns from the 100 degree sunshine, but he still had a blast. Of course I left my camera at home for our weekend up north. Dangit!