#323 Date Night with Griswold.

Ben wanted to set aside today for his annual Griswold time. It’s more than simply putting up a tree for Ben, Christmas is about making sure everyone that goes down Spec Wilson Blvd. sees our house from the train tracks. It’s about decorating everything that can be decorated. While he worked on getting the lights on our rooftop working all morning, I went to mama’s and she taught me how to make a sho-nuff wreath that would make Martha jealous. We sustained thousands of pricks from holly, but the results are amazing. It’s better than something from Pottery Barn!

We used arbor vitae, a holly-ish hedge and dwarf yaupon from her yard and it was seriously one of the easiest things ever. It takes time to pick the greenery, but it’s worth it. Best. Wreath. Ever.

If Daddy had a facebook, this would be his profile picture.

I’ve been a feeling a bit puny today, sort of like I’ve got a sinus infection coming on so I got back home from mama’s and took a hot shower, put on my jammies and hung around the house. Ben suggested we go to Lowe’s to buy a real tree and go on a little date night, so I put on some jeans and away we went. The selection wasn’t what we were hoping for (we need a tree that’s at least 9-10 feet tall for the studio), so we went on a drive through the country looking for a tree we could cut down and bring home. It’s the way we’ve done it since our first Christmas, so I guess this year shouldn’t be any different.
Along the way, we passed through the most beautiful fields as fog was creeping in. I asked him to stop the car and I took a few photos. It’s pretty bucolic, huh?

After dinner at Mi Casita, were back home again and I could see Ben’s Christmas handiwork. He even got a little remote control for the lights so he could turn them on as we pulled up. I’m proud of him—it’s pretty magical. With Jim and Mal in Baton Rouge, Magnolia Street is pretty quiet tonight. Lonesome, even!
Now it’s back to our New York movie marathon since we’ll be leaving in a week! Last night we watched The Goodbye Girl, a movie I’ve always heard of but never seen, and it was wonderful. Richard Dreyfuss… Lord have mercy. What a cutie. Tonight we’ll be watching Serendipity for the millionth time, because it never stops being good. Goodnight, sweet readers!