#345 Gloria.

So you’ve surely had enough of our story, and because not much happened on December 12, 2004 (I worked, then we took my car to the car wash in Ellisville where Ben picked me up and carried me around and kissed me in public like a crazy person and I loved every second of it), and because it’s my very own blog and I can interrupt nostalgia week if I feel like it—I have to talk about the Christmas program at church this morning. With brass and percussion orchestra, it was one of the most epic musical moments I’ve ever experienced. Like I mentioned several weeks ago, coincidentally, Gloria was the Christmas piece the concert choir was singing the semester I met Ben. When I hear the music, it takes me back.

I’ve learned that what gives me real Christmas spirit is singing in a choir setting. When you sing music like that it feels like you’re a part of something that’s been happening for centuries before you ever existed, especially Latin texts like Gloria. People have been worshipping God with music forever, but Christmas music is different. It makes the place where its heard feel sacred. Holy. I hope the people who were there today felt the way I know we all did.