#347 A Year of Blessings.

There was no blog about my day-to-day one year ago. I was working my last week in the cubicle, horrified by the gumption of my decision to quit my job and begin working full-time from home on Lucky Luxe. I can’t believe I waited so long. In this year I’ve seen all my dreams come true. I absolutely could not ask for more. I prayed so long before leaving my day job—and fear held me back for WAY longer than it should have. For so long I thought the possibility of working at home on my own terms was about as realistic as the special effects in Twilight, and today I feel so stupid for being a coward.
If there’s something you want to do, something life-changing, you need to pray about it. Pray so often that it becomes automatic, internal, involuntary. Then listen to what God tells you in the quiet moments you can find—in the shower, before sleep. If you listen, he’ll tell you which way to go. I wish everyone could find the joy Ben and I have found since we started this journey one year ago. Today’s big blessing was an article from Martha Stewart Weddings:
God always takes care of his children. I really hope you’ll talk to him about it and find out for yourself.