#354 Walking alone.

It’s been a very long time since I took a walk by myself. This morning, Ben wasn’t home and I had the urge to go out walking/jogging since the weather was so mild. I am used to talking and walking, strolling, talking and walking. I thought it might be lonesome (and more importantly, futile) to walk with nothing to occupy me so I brought along my iPod.

This is what happened.
I put on a playlist — Why I Am by Dave Matthews, Run by Collective Soul, Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand, Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, and other good ones. This was maybe the most refreshing thing I’ve done in months. As my heart rate increased, as I tried to run to the rhythm of the music, it suddenly felt like every leaf, every stone, every crack in the pavement was in high-definition technicolor. I felt supremely ALIVE, as if the world were moving and breathing for me and me alone. This is odd because I don’t care for exercise. The air was the perfect temperature for a long sleeve and shorts, and I (again, out of character) didn’t skip a single song. I let them play all the way through and I understand them more than I ever have.
What I’m saying is—if I had better earbuds I might have been able to fly and every breath would have tasted like candy elixir. I really enjoyed getting outside on my own today.
I think I’ll try it again very soon.