#355 70 Degrees.

Banana crepe. Mmmmmm…
It’s 2 days before Christmas and this morning Ben, Emily, Josh and I had breakfast in the courtyard of a restaurant in shorts. It was 70 degrees outside. I felt like Iris must have felt arriving in sunny Los Angeles at the beginning of The Holiday. I’m normally a HUGE fan of cold weather, especially around Christmastime, but springish weather like today is energizing.
I had this terrible thought as we ate our crepes:
There are people who went to work today, who will have no real work to do because it’s the week of Christmas and everybody they’re supposed to be doing business with quit doing any real work about a week ago. These poor folks had to get up at 6:30 am, go in to the office, eat store-bought sugar cookies at the office Christmas party, then go back to their desk and wait for 5 o’clock while anxiously thinking of all the things they need to and would rather be doing before this weekend. It made me very. Very. Sad. And more than that, thankful.