#365 The End.

I’m sitting in a restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina because there is internet here. I’m on vacation, but this blog has to be a priority, even on vacation, or it will lose its purpose. I really don’t know how I managed to stick to a resolution. A year ago I decided I would blog about the best thing that happened every single day, no matter what happened, no matter if I was out of town, no matter if I was tired and cranky and wanted to go to bed. This blog has completely enriched my attitude and my life this year, no doubt because I was constantly looking for the good things to write about and turning a blind eye to the bad. I recommend that if you easily fall into negativity and love to complain, that you try literally counting your blessings every day.

I know for certain that this has been one of the best years of my life, in no small part to this blog. I had my first year of freedom from the cubicle, and I know surely that it gave me a rose-colored view of every waking day. It’s a privilege for certain, one that I never want to take for granted. I am the wife of a man who understands how to love, how to forgive, how to take care of us and those are enormous blessings. There are so many blessings I could talk about, but I wouldn’t know where to begin and end that conversation. In summation, I thought I would list the blogs about things from this year that impacted me most, in no particular order. I know I’ll leave out something important, but I’ll try to choose the things from each month that will stay with me forever, some big, some small, but all important to the story of my life.
2010 looked like this:
Our amazing trip through old Florida: #147, #148, #149, #150
Love Week (how Ben and I met): #339, #340, #341, #342, #344, #346
That’s it for 2010. I hope y’all have a fantastic 2011, and I’ll see you here next year!