#387 A really good Saturday.

It’s been a while since a Saturday was so busy (and somehow relaxed) as this one. Ben woke up early to go put a new alternator in the ’64 Pontiac at my parents’ and I came a while later after a trip to Lowe’s for framing supplies. We helped them in the yard for a little bit, when a VERY special visitor showed up:

My sweet boy, Isaac! I wish Kelsa would give him to us so I could skip the pregnancy/labor part and cut straight to the good stuff. Oh I just LOVE him! Daddy gave him an old watergun of ours that’s been in his workshop for years. Isaac was overjoyed.

We gave daddy a miter saw for Christmas so he could get back into building frames and furniture, and mama’s Christmas present was a watercolor to hang in her newly renovated bathroom that I did a long time ago in figure drawing. We promised to use the miter saw to build a frame for the painting, and today we finally got around to it:
Safety first.
And voila!
We found a spray paint that looks like hammered bronze. Matches the fixtures. Perfect.
Then we rushed home to watch Duke beat Wake Forest (yay!), and got ready for our double date with Annalee and Chad. We had dinner at The Loft then saw Rocky at Laurel Little Theatre. Even though my brother is the world’s biggest Rocky fan, I somehow have never seen the first one until tonight. I’m so ashamed!
We’re all so lily white! I’m ready for a sunburn.
It was wonderful—but shouldn’t he have knocked out Apollo at the end? Yeah, I think so.