#43 Snow in Mississippi.

There were several great things about today, and I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say we were very impressed with Big Bad Breakfast, the new diner where we had pancakes and hash browns this morning (not very new really, just new to us.. it wasn’t there when we were in school). We even came home with a mug:

You would never guess we were in south Mississippi this morning.. The snow was unbelievable. They even had snowplows out on the highways while we were driving home from Oxford. Last night, Cary played one of my old favorites from the Bittersweet Blues album, Snow in Mississippi. It’s so beautiful and haunting, but last night he played it with a little more pep:

Here’s a verse in case you’re not able to understand the lyrics:

I remember when, the winter I was ten
when a big snow fell like it would never end
the weather man said “there’ll be no school today”
so we dressed up warm and went out to play
Had a snowball fight, built a snowman too
played all morning until our lips turned blue
then we went inside to warm up for a while
mama gave us hot chocolate and a big smile
but the sun came out in the afternoon
and the snow began to melt much too soon

All the best things never last too long
they go by too fast, like a love song
like snow in Mississippi
like snow in Mississippi

It’s so true… As I sit at my mom’s computer, I can hear the snow-turned-water drip drip dripping from the eaves.