#45 St. Valentine’s Day.

Tonight Ben told the youth about the history of Valentine’s Day, about Saint Valentine who made it his business to tell the world around him about God’s infinite love and that we should use Christ’s example of outward love in our own relationships.

Ben is a romantic. He enjoys any opportunity to surprise me and let me know that no matter what happens, no matter how grumpy I can be, no matter if I do or do not fold the clothes when the dryer buzzes, no matter if I forget to make his coffee while he’s doing his morning workout, no matter if I cry for no reason at all, no matter if we’re miles apart or across the room, he loves me and he always will. Tonight I found a bouquet of peach colored roses, two poems written by Ben (not the rhyming variety), heart-shaped SweetTarts (my favorite candy — he gets them every year), then we got cozy and watched a movie while the rain fell on our tin awning. I get to be his wife, and that’s one way I know for sure that God loves me. Ain’t love grand?