#471 Mission work.

I really, truly, seriously can’t believe the initiative of these junior high students! Today we cleared out a garage that was stacked floor to ceiling with junk and the kids never stopped working until the last box was moved and the trash was hauled away. After that they removed the old wiring and swept debris from a little cottage damaged in Katrina. We hardly had to give them any help or instruction at all and they proved to me that even though they may be young, they are more than ready to take on whatever responsibility we want to give them. It was more than my heart could take when some boys asked if they could do more for this family in their house and yard than just the garage. Even though they were hungry and tired. Swear. If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.
First they moved everything out of the garage:

And threw away everything but this:

All the work crews who’ve been through this house signed the rafters:

Since they worked so tirelessly and without complaint we’re going to scrap the plans to cook in the dorm and take them out to dinner. They totally deserve it. Love these babies!

Also in a very crazy turn of events, when our breakfast plans fell through this morning, we just happened to have all the ingredients in the dorm kitchen that we needed to make a huge spread of pancakes, sausage, smothered and covered hash browns and fresh strawberries and whipped cream. It was honestly the best breakfast Mickey has ever cooked on one of our trips and absolutely the best hash browns I have EVER tasted. God always provides when we are doing what he asks, and this was an awesome example for the kids to see it with their own eyes.