#472 Jesse’s shoes.

Last night Jesse finally blew out his beloved Sperry flip flops he’s been wearing since 7th grade (a miracle considering his foot has grown 3 sizes since then and they still fit perfectly). Today on the way home from the trip, we stopped in Hattiesburg to find another pair. We made a bee line for the Sperry sandals, saw the very pair he wanted, but couldn’t find anything bigger than a size 12. Jesse wears a 14. So, dejected, he started trying on any pair of leather flip flops that looked like they might possibly fit, but none of them did. I asked a salesman if they had any size 14 shoes and he said, “definitely not in flip flops.”
Then I walked back down the aisle and glanced up at the top shelf of regular old boat shoes and loafers and saw a lone, misplaced box of size 14 Sperry flip flops in the exact same style as his old ones. I did a little dance.