#478 Egg hunt & the cookhouse sign.

This morning was the annual FUMC Easter egg hunt at the Rogers’ beautiful home a few blocks down the street, and again, I was able to fully realize how wonderful our church family really is. Everyone was there—from babies to old folks and everyone in between, eating cupcakes and burgers, playing on the seesaw, throwing a huge Easter egg in lieu of a football, talking about Ole Miss’s upcoming season. Everytime we get together it feels like a family reunion, except we get together weekly it seems. We are lucky ducks to have these kind of friendships.
How beautiful is that?


Dr. Rogers and the Wilsons

Mrs. Betty with her sweet granddaughters

Mitter Ben!
Afterward we headed to my parents’ to work on a project mama requested last week for their new deck and cookhouse:
I used to make these vintage looking signs pretty often, and I’m always pleasantly surprised by what a little sanding and stain can do to age a painting.

I can’t wait for Hope’s engagement party here next month!