#480 Playing Dress Up.

Khiron and Sara-Claire’s super formal, late evening wedding is coming up this weekend, so I want to look extra fancy. Which made me think of my senior prom dress that I still, to this day, am in love with. I took a photo of a dress that was worn by Grace Kelly to a seamstress and had her make one for me in red satin.
Well… Things have changed since 2003 and I don’t look quite as svelte as I did at 17, but what matters here… Is it zipped. Barely. Thanks be to God. And the dress is still very much in style. I would totally buy this off the rack if I saw it hanging in Dillard’s.
Okay, by zipped I mean I couldn’t breathe or sit and I’m not going to wear it to the wedding, but I swear I’ll wear it to something. One day.