#506 Brunch.

When Mallorie offered to open their home and help hostess a brunch shower for Hope, I was psyched. It meant I wouldn’t have to do much at all because she’s the best little cook and entertainer you ever saw. It meant delicious cooking and perfectly shabby chic arrangements.

Mallorie, Hope and I

Mercury glass!!!!!!!

Doesn’t their loft apartment look like a magazine spread? I feel like a domestic failure compared to my old college roommate. Even the older ladies with a lifetime of cooking experience were impressed.
I brought fresh fruit and fluffy fruit dip and muffins. She was wholely responsible for the finest garlic cheese grits and breakfast casserole I’ve ever tasted. Paula Deen would be jealous.
Some of the bridesmaids.
Some of the gifts.
The Mrs. Fix-It basket. Safety first.
How hot is mama? Dang.
For our first bridal shower ever, I’d say it was a success.
Except I ate too much. WAY too much.