#507 Road Trippin.

The last couple weeks of May, in my experience, have always been the slowest of the wedding season so Ben and I schedule our annual summer vacation for this time of year. Somehow this has possibly been the busiest month of 2011 for us so far so we pretty much botched the planning, but who cares? We’ve thrown caution to the wind and hit the road for the east coast.
Guess where we stayed last night? Just our most favorite quiet, secluded retreat on earth.
Wakulla Springs, Florida. I bet you’ve never heard of it, and that’s why we love it. Ooooooh magical. No TV, no internet. Just peace and quiet and good books and a ridiculously comfortable bed. And possibly dinosaurs in the wilderness that engulfs it. Actually, I’m certain of that.

I dreamt of ghosts waltzing in the quiet darkness of our bedroom and woke up in a cold sweat. Then I realized it was only a dream, that I was perfectly safe and sleeping beside Big Ben in our favorite historic inn. Whew!
After another delicious breakfast in the inn’s restaurant:
We were back on the road to St. Augustine to meet Tom and Allison for the afternoon. He had to haul a load to Jacksonville so it worked out just perfectly for a little daytrip. Y’all know my obsession with St. Augustine if you read my blogs last summer. It’s really, truly, honestly and absolutely my FAVORITE city on earth. If I were the spontaneous sort, I’d move there. Tomorrow. Seriously.

The sisters Napier. Allison is pregnant, though it’s very hard to tell still. This is one of our last pictures before they have a little one!

The old city gates


Taking pictures of the yummy gelato display in a cafe on St. George.

And now, it’s bedtime in Fernandina Beach, Florida—a place we’ve never been to but have heard great things about. I hope tomorrow is half as much fun as today was! Night night sweet readers!