#508 Fernandina Beach & Savannah.

We woke up at 9 this morning with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. We got dressed and went into the historic downtown for breakfast at a great little place called Jack & Diane’s where we had cornbread pancakes and quiche. You better believe those pancakes are going to by my new go-to breakfast treat when I want to impress company—they were SO delicious! After we ate it was time for exploring the town:

We incidentally discovered that Fernandina Beach is home to Ville Villekula from the Pippi Longstocking movie! I watched it no less than 100 times growing up and I’ve had the theme song (“Pippi Longstocking is comin into your town! The one no can keep down no no no no, the one who’s fun to be around!”) stuck in my head all day.
Before noon we were on the road again bound for Savannah, but y’all know us… We’re bad to dawdle, lollygag and fiddlefart. Which is why we stopped for a look-around at Jekyll Island, one of Clark and Amanda’s favorite places in the world:

Then we were seriously, really back on the road headed for Savannah. Except we stumbled upon this little jewel:

Mama was having some medical tests run today that we were all a little anxious about so Ben and I prayed about it here and moments later received a text from mama, “Dr. said everything looks normal. No worries!” How cool is that?

We finally made it to Savannah in the late afternoon and we hopped on our bikes again to do a quick recap of our favorites spots from our visit last summer. The Paris Market, a bicycle shop, the SCAD (my would-have-been alma mater) bookstore, a walk down the riverside and dinner at the Cotton Exchange Tavern.

Now it’s bedtime and we’re finally in Charleston for a few days. Goodnight, y’all!