#530 Wedding Prep Party.

At the pounding shower last Sunday

Like I’ve told y’all, for the first time ever I get to be the matron of honor on June 25—not for just anyone, but my oldest and bestest friend. We’ve done showers and parties and showers and parties and more showers and now we’re just 11 days away from Hope becoming a wife. I can’t wrap my brain around it! It’s a great feeling to help someone with this momentous experience in any way, especially when it’s your best friend who has really amazing, crafty ideas for the big day.
Tonight she had the women and girls in her family plus Sara-Claire and me come over for dinner and some pre-wedding prep. We unwrapped 200 individually wrapped bottles of bubbles, assembled 200 plastic martini glasses for the loaded potato bar, assembled paper lanterns and string lights, unwrapped the vintage glassware for centerpieces, and other odds and ends to help save her sanity the week of the wedding.

Reed and Hayden were putting cute little name tags on each of the handmade bouquets and boutonnières that were made by our sweet friend Dawn of Hello Dearie!

SC and I were charged with assembling the glasses.
Look at this amazing thrift store vase!

Love birds mantle decor.
Snacking on edamame. I’d never tried it before tonight but it was really good, actually.
I can’t believe it. 11 more days and we’ll both be old married girls! I hope we’ll be like mama and Aunt Cheryl (who is in fact, not my aunt at all but might as well be)—55 and hitting opening days at Dirt Cheap together with Chic-Fil-A for lunch afterward. I can’t imagine it any other way.