#535 Daddy.

He calls me shang, bullet, special and darlin’. He never liked any boy I ever hung around with until he met Ben. He would rather live without air conditioning. I thought he was Indiana Jones until I was about 13 years old. He grows the best corn on earth, built the sturdiest and best furniture I own, and rehabilitated 99% of the elderly population in this county. He would carry me on his hip into the ocean when I was little—some of my happiest childhood memories. He’s read the Bible cover to cover and knows that God is in control. He doesn’t trust the internet. He’s got the best stories about being wild in his college days. When I hear the song My Girl, I could cry thinking of him cooing and dancing with me when I was a baby. People say he’s extremely tough, and they are right. When Ole Miss loses, he never misses a beat before declaring “we’ll get ’em next week!”
I love everything about him.
Happy Father’s Day, daddy!
Yeah, I’ve used this photo before but it’s my favorite of us and I had a ruffle on my bottom.