#557 Finished.

First of all, I’ve finally found the perfect lip gloss. L’Oreal Le Gloss in Red Ravishing is the grand prize winner in my search for the greatest lip product of all time. First of all, it tastes and smells just like caramel but reminds me of the red, shiny and clear glaze on a candied apple. Second, while most lip glosses with “sheer color” go on and then are in fact disappointingly clear, this stuff makes your lips that perfectly youthful blushing color after you’ve eaten a lollilop, and it stains them a little. Then the gloss… None of that watery, cheap mess. This is a rich, heavy gloss that saturates your lips and gives you sheer (but not too sheer) color. Oh man. If you are not Ben, go get yourself some right now.
Next up, this afternoon we pulled up the tape, touched up spots, rearranged the furniture and generally freshened up the youth room.
We try to clean it once every 3 years whether it needs it or not.
Old, damaged ping pong table was revived today. 2 ping pong tables = absolutely no way to make them stop and pay attention ever again. The cross painting was already there and we painted around it.
2 days ago, this wall was light blue on the left of the cross painting, red in the middle, and white on the right. Today, it’s all coral and the bulletin board got a coat of chalkboard paint.
The kitchen was a non-shade of green/white/yellow, now it’s a sunny green.
That polka-dot cross painting was existing too and we kept it.
So glad we finally got around to doing this. Now let’s see how long it stays this way?