#558 Decemberists & Sufjan Stevens.

Thanks to little brother Jedge, I’m in love with the Decemberists’ album, The King is Dead. I know every single song by heart now after 2 weeks of non-stop play, and I’m still not tired of their folky, upbeat and 90sish melodies. Today, I made a Genius playlist based off of Don’t Carry it All, and this Sufjan Stevens song came up.
Because I’ve been busy planning our fall vacation for the New England coast and the Berkshires, I feel an autumnal chill and can literally smell apple cider when I listen to the Decemberists, the Avett Brothers and this particular (almost spooky, magical) Sufjan Stevens song. I have visions of red maples and rolling hills and whaling towns and cobblestone streets and pumpkins on doorsteps and wool sweaters and…

Well, in short I am absolutely loving this genre… What do we call it? Autumn Alt?