#559 Long hairs.

My hair is finally getting beyond the bob. I liked it today for the first time since I’ve been growing it out and I’m gonna document it here so I don’t lose faith while I’m going through this awkward length phase.
If you’re interested, this is the only hair product I use when I wear it wavy like this. I wash it with Pantene Classic Clean shampoo (somehow it works much better than shampoo for curls), condition with Bed Head Moisture Maniac, comb it wet the way I like to part it, squeeze into waves from the bottom up with my towel, work a little bit of the Pureology into it, then blow dry little handfuls squeezed up close to my head on low. It’s important to dry it slowly and not tousle it much in order to get a tousled look. Beats me.
Hope, don’t let me cut it yet. I’m trying to persevere.