#614 Supper Club.

The Swartzfagers offered their historic and gorgeous pool house for supper club this month and Jim and Mallorie co-hosted by providing the main course (pork loin that was to die for!). Their home was built by the Mason family, the founders of the worldwide Masonite Corporation, and their swimming pool was the first one in the city of Laurel. Things like this are endlessly fascinating to me.

We had a great time, ate a lot of very high calorie food, and we did it in boots and long sleeves. During our Bible study we had some very heated discussion about religious and political extremists. Which turned to a conversation about how God calls us to love everyone, even the extremists. Which somehow wound around and became a conversation about our youth program. We don’t always have such long, good conversations like these and I so enjoyed that. I hope we didn’t bore anyone to death.
Now we’re going to get started on the model of my little Volkswagen. I’ll post a photo when we’re finished in a day or 2!