#615 Real talk.

I had a great conversation tonight.

The first was between me, Hope and the junior high (7th and 8th grade) small group we teach on Wednesday nights. We were talking about the 10 commandments which brought up some other things that we all agreed might make good commandments too (do not gossip, love your siblings). Last year I taught juniors and seniors and this is a whole new world. Somehow it feels like the topics we’re covering with the kids in junior high might really affect them at this point in their lives whereas the older kids might have been hearing about it for several years now so they were less inclined to listen or consider new feelings about it. I was intimidated by the thought of teaching younger ones last year, but now I feel like it might be the best fit for me. I love every last one of our youth, but these babies of the group seem to be so eager to learn at the moment. It’s kind of thrilling.
Tomorrow, Kendy (one of our 8th graders) has a birthday so we sang to her and Hope served homemade chocolate cupcakes. I hope she has a blast roller skating tomorrow after school!
Later, we visited with 2 friends who are trying so hard to make a decision about buying a house, who are in the same shoes we’ve been in these last few weeks. We’ll pray for them tonight as they prepare to make this big decision, but I know that even though it doesn’t feel like it right now they’re right where God wants them to be. He’ll open all the right doors if they’ll listen and watch carefully for his prompts. If there’s anything I’ve learned about providence, it’s that when His finger points, His hand will clear the way.