#637 Subway Tile.

We’ve been planning on installing a glossy white subway tile backsplash and butcherblock countertops once we get the house since the kitchen is a little outdated.

I Googled until my eyes crossed but couldn’t find a better price than right here at my own Lowe’s, for .25 cents per tile. That would mean $125 + grout, etc. to do our kitchen. Which sounded good to me.


We went to Hattiesburg today on the hunt for Benjamin Moore paint swatches and fabric dye, but we happened upon the exact same tile for .12 cents each at Anderson Carpet One. Sadly, they didn’t have nearly enough for us to do the whole kitchen, but they told us Lowe’s does price matching. Away we went, and as a matter of fact they DO price match, and since it’s the exact same product we got 62 square feet of tile for just $60. I hate we couldn’t buy it from Anderson since they were so very helpful and the place is a wonderland of home design, but we’ll definitely be back for anything else we might need for the house.

It pays to be patient. I almost bought the .25 cent tile weeks ago, but decided to wait. Boom.