#66 Doc Hollywood & the south.

We re-watched this movie that I so loved when I was little tonight with Josh and Emily (who showed up at our door with a heaping plate of fried chicken and vegetables because she thought Ben might like “a bite” of what they cooked). There were a few things I definitely forgot about (or maybe my mama just covered my eyes), and there were several things about it that made a caricature of the south that we weren’t too crazy about (everyone was dressed like it was the 50s, there was an illiterate family the doctor had to read letters to), but there were a few things about it that made my heart swell with pride in what a very special place the south is. In the movie, Michael J. Fox plays a doctor who’s been working in an ER in Washington D.C. who is on a cross-country trip to California where a plastic surgery job is awaiting him. He crashes his cute little Porsche in the quaint town of Grady, South Carolina and is stuck there volunteering as the town doctor until his car is out of the shop and he can carry on his way. He ends up falling for a local girl and the charms of rural life. I Googled the filming location, and it was actually shot in a town in Florida called Micanopy:

This got us all talking about the things we really love about the south, the things that set it apart from any other part of the world, and tonight’s post is for my best friend Hope whose heart is missing home while she works around the world in the Philippines:

(Oxford, Mississippi by LucyShultze)

(a bottletree by smallsphotography)

(tailgating in the Grove at Ole Miss from Flickr by DeepSouthKudzu)

(photo by shaggyshoo)

(the Rogers-Green House in Laurel, Miss by me)

(Forsythe Park in Savannah, GA by MaryLeeUSA)

(St. Augustine, Florida by FraggleRed)

Actually, this book just sums it up.