#67 Art class #2.

Tonight’s study focused on learning to draw the hand, first as an abstract pure contour drawing, then as a very detailed drawing under a viewfinder. Several of them were more than a little frustrated with the first exercise but after they warmed up, they did some really great drawings.

I can’t tell you how fascinating it is to have such a diverse group of students.. Left handers, right handers, retail sales, doctor, retired, teenager, newlywed, experienced with art, looking for a hobby… And the best thing of all is getting to observe all their differences and similarities. For instance, my 2 left handers ask very few questions, the family of 3 all draw quickly with heavy marks, the newlyweds drew carefully and quietly, the retired ladies quickly grew frustrated with the first exercise, and yet all of these people made expressive portraits of their hands by the end of the session. Isn’t it amazing how art is a great equalizer?