#704 The Pillow.

Today my mama was feeling crafty and made the most beautiful pillow. She found inspiration in a Pottery Barn catalog:

And for under $5 she made this:

A Christmas pillow that will look perfect in the all-white interior of our craftsman cottage. She used burlap, felt, jingle bells and hand-stitched the petals of the poinsettia with cotton yarn. I’ll treasure it forever because her little hands made it with all the love in the world just for me.

Now, I’ve written about the best thing that happened today. I created this blog as a testament to the blessings that happen every single day of my life and even on the darkest days I will find something good and positive to tell you about, but today my heart is broken for our friends Dawn, Michael, Anne, and Adam Trest. Mrs. Cyndi, their mother and grandmother passed away today unexpectedly and our entire city is devastated by this loss. She shaped so many lives as a teacher and a Christian. She and Dawn are the founders of Hello Dearie that I’ve mentioned many times on this blog before. I pray that God will hold them close to him tonight and tomorrow and in the months that are coming. They’re going to need so much love and help to get through this, so if you know the Trests, please let them know you care. They’re some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met in my life.

Dawn, if you read this someday soon—I love you, sweet girl.