#738 Flowerbeds.

Yesterday we weeded and raked all the flowerbeds out, and today we prettied them up. Before, this area at our back door was a sad little spot with just some mossy, patchy grass and some sort of pitiful half-dead shrub. We went to Coleman Nursery and bought 4 white azalea bushes (which I’m told will grow in the shade, fingers crossed). We pulled up that sad shrub, dug up the dirt, made a bed around the new azaleas and put down some pine straw. It’s amazing what it did for the look of the back door and the yard. SO glad we did it.


We also bought 3 sweet olives to plant strategically wherever human interaction would be happening—1 beside the patio, and 2 flanking the front porch. The smell is intoxicating!
Then we planted 2 white climbing rose bushes beside the fence in the backyard. As the sun was setting, we finally finished up the backyard. For now, at least.

After some extensive raking and cleaning off, this is the sweet little patio that was underneath:


Then in the dark, we planted a red maple tree in the side yard. Hopefully, it’ll take off. I’m excited to see the leaves that will remind me of Massachusetts… In 10-15 years.