#793 Randy.

A few days ago, Mr. Randy Meador passed away. The cancer was more than his body could take.

I hate to write about anything sad on this blog that’s meant only for happy and good things, but he was such a special person to us that I feel like it would be terrible to overlook the day we honored and celebrated his life. We went to his visitation this morning and saw sweet Mrs. Cindy, so stoic standing beside him at the front of the church as mourners filed past. He reminded me for the world of Mitter, this larger than life bearded man with an even bigger personality. He made every person he talked to feel special. Important. I’m so glad I got to spend the months before his diagnosis teaching him in the church art class.

I drew a portrait of him one night during a demonstration, just a few weeks before they found out about the brain tumor. He was a great sport, sitting still for a full 40 minutes as I drew him in charcoal. He was so interested in learning the techniques we were going through in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. He was an engineer with an interest in art, but Lord did he make fun of his own drawings!

In May 2010 a month before the diagnosis, they hosted a pool party for the youth group and I took this photo of them. Oh y’all… They were just so completely in love. Knowing them made the love contagious. Such lovable people! 
It’s heartbreaking that he’s gone, but I know Mrs. Cindy has too much sunshine in her heart and too much faith in God to give up on finding a new way to live. We’ll miss him so much, but our lives are better for knowing him. If you’re reading these words, please stop and (really, seriously) say a prayer for his family.
See you later, Mr. Randy!