#794 Wellies.

It’s been the rainiest winter I can remember, and I know this because I’ve spent a lot of it outside in the mud with Chevy. Having a dog takes you outside a lot more than you might think—rain or shine, he’s got to have a walk. Ben gave me a great pair of red wellies for Christmas for our rainy walks, but I’ve been itching for a navy blue pair since I’ve been wearing the heck out of them. And I decided to splurge and get the real deal.

Supposedly, Hunters will last a lifetime and never have to be replaced. As much as I’ve been wearing rainboots lately, I’ll be able to test that guarantee. So far what I know is the pricey ones feel so good on your feet! And I’ll be super prepared for muddy playtime with the polar bears.

Also, Mit filled a tea pitcher full of flowers today and put them on the dinner table while I was working in the office. I was surprised to find them, and happy to see something fresh instead of silk on the table. He knows how cliched red roses are and that tickles me pink. Thank you, love!