#819 The Mauldins.

A couple weeks ago on my morning walk/run/dog party, a pretty blonde in a Jeep pulled up beside the sidewalk and introduced herself as a blog reader and Shuff Mauldin’s wife. I possibly met Laura several years ago when I was in high school, and now she and Shuff have moved back home and are trying to get in the swing of meeting people and doing fun things. I met Shuff at the chili cookoff last Saturday and they proposed that we, Jim and Mallorie should go to dinner this weekend. So of course we took them way out of the way to Cowboy Jim’s, hoping for some good live entertainment and a steak.

Some poor person on the balcony got embarrassed for their birthday.

Then we did the same thing to Mallorie, and I’d post the video except I sound like an off-key maniac singing right up into the camera.

So glad we’ve met. Hopefully they’ll become a fixture in our social circles. It’s so good that folks our age are slowly but surely migrating back home.