#820 Paint & Cabinets.

Mama says I’ve not been posting enough photos lately, so there’s plenty to make up for it today.
We’re getting SO CLOSE to finishing the kitchen and moving in. Dangerously close. Today we woke up really early and I bounded out of bed excited to take on the kitchen. I mean look at this day from our front porch. What’s not to be excited about?
First thing, Ben removed all the old drawer fronts and installed the new ones and their hardware while I painted the entire ceiling and all the walls.
Almost every wall in our house is Dover White from Sherwin Williams. Possibly the greatest white paint of all time in my amateur opinion. Now when the backsplash goes in… It’ll be too much goodness for me to stand.
The hardware might be my favorite thing about the new kitchen when it’s all said and done. We bought all these antique mismatched pieces from an architectural salvage place called Restoration Resources in Boston. We dug through box after box and found the perfect mix of colors and patinas in a freezing cold warehouse. The owner told us what he could remember about some of them, and many came from old pharmacies, hospitals and schoolhouses. Here are 3 of my favorites:

More than “nice” things, Ben and I are suckers for story. We want personal meaning behind every piece of art, every knob and book. That’s kind of ridiculous, but it’s what makes a house a home to us. Who cares if it all matches?
And then… And then. Ben got a piece of the new butcher block countertops and just laid it on the cabinets to get an idea of how it will look. Holy cow.

And we got really excited about how it’s all coming together.

And as the sun was sinking low, we decided we just had to see what the light fixtures and the vintage pulleys would look like installed. So in the dark with a flashlight, he hung these cool old industrial pulleys and our mercury glass lights. They looked. Stunning.

But sadly, after these pictures were taken the one light with some tiny cracks in it got too hot and broke into a million pieces so we’re going to have to find some new lights to replace them. They were only $25 each so it’s not a huge loss but I was terribly excited about them. The main thing is—the light box above the windows hooking to the pulleys is going to work beautifully. I can’t wait to see it all finished.

We got so much accomplished, it’s kind of surreal. Won’t you come over when it’s finished?