#822 Handiest Man.


Guess what I did today?

I woke up at 8:30 and worked on some new advertising prospects, met with Annalee, did one save-the-date proof, and answered lots of emails. I found out one of our brides, Alisan, was a child movie star (she was Curly Sue), and I only found out because People Magazine in my Google news feed told me. I feel ridiculous for not knowing.

I finished my work at 4:00 then went over to the house to do a little work.

Guess what Ben did today?

He woke up at 8:30, went to staff meeting at the church, went to an executive board meeting for Laurel Main Street during lunch, drove to his youth kids’ houses to give their parents permission and insurance documents for the trip this weekend, worked on the programming for the mission retreat, made some phone calls to the coast confirming the mission trip, ran to the post office for me, ran to Sunbelt Lighting to buy a part needed to hang the last 2 light fixtures in the kitchen, went over to the house then cut and installed 1 countertop, installed the dishwasher, built some trim around the dishwasher to make it look nice, hung 2 light fixtures, cut and installed the other countertop, cut a hole out of the countertop to drop in the sink, hooked up the plumbing and the garbage disposal, installed the beautiful new faucet, and finished at 11:45 pm.

Look at him go!

He shed his new Polo shirt when he was nearly done. And had a real nice white t-shirt with the sleeves ripped out under it. Oh, boys.

Man… We need that backsplash something fierce.

All we need now is to bring in the refrigerator and hook up that water line and we’ll be ready to move in. I mean, I guess we can live in the construction of the backsplash…………………….

Kind of.
I might not be exactly ready to leave the nest here on Magnolia Street quite yet. But I will.

I am a very very thankful girl tonight and so very aware of what a great man I’ve married. I have no idea how or why he just has the intuition and know-how to install, fix or build literally anything, but I know it’s saving us so much money.

Rev—he says you taught him everything. I owe you so big.

Thank you so much for dinner, Annalee. We so needed that!