#912 Fluffernutter Sandwich & Wallpaper.

Have you heard of the Stately Sandwiches blog? This gal is making the sandwich of every state in America, and after spotting the fluffernutter sandwich of Massachusetts, I was interested. I tried it for dinner tonight, and found a very pleasant surprise. You really HAVE to try it. Or is this a popular thing and I’m just late to the party?!

Also, I’m on the fence about something and would love your opinion. I’m thinking about wallpapering the upper half of our staircase walls. I found these very cool toiles today (or as Ben calls it, “black and white pictures of people doing old-timey things”) that make me think I could love them forever. Or a long time, at least. I think it would be cool to have some pattern in an unexpected place, right in the center of the house behind the pretty old glass staircase doors.

But then I see things like this, and think paint is the only way to go:
Via Pinterest
What do you think?
Oh, first world problems. Ugh.