#915 Bloom Where You’re Planted.

The above saying is one of my all-time favorites, thus it is the title of today’s blog which is only about doing yard work which isn’t nearly as profound.

Ben’s been pretty stressed finalizing the Lake Junaluska trip plans, working on senior sponsorships for the youth, and being the chairman of this weekend’s car show but I had a relatively easy day that meant I could knock off early. The yard needed to be weeded since he mowed it last night, and I felt like nothing would be better today than yard work. I weedeated the front and back yards, weeded the stone patio, washed the patio furniture, and blew off all the clippings, and then when he got home from work we potted some new petunias and something that looks like heather in the front porch pots. I love how it changes the look of everything!