#916 Pup Party.

Tonight we had a dinner party and invited our friends with dogs to come and leave them in the backyard with the birthday dogs, Chevy and Sugar.

I made shrimp and grits, the most difficult dish I’ve ever done (I swear the recipe made it sound so easy!) but it turned out all right I think. Everyone brought side dishes and I now know that summertime is not the right time to turn on the oven and invite everyone over. It was 100 degrees in the kitchen, but a cool 70 in the rest of the house… But you know where everyone likes to congregate. So we did. And it was hot, y’all.

Jim said he liked it how being hotter than hee haw in the kitchen made things feel “old-timey.”
Eventually we all headed to the dining room where it felt like the 21st century with air conditioning.


 Birthday cookie. U.S.A!
Baker is so J that it’s not his birthday.