#945 Machine Gun Preachering this Day.

1. Brooke and I got SO much work done today at Lucky Luxe. We killed it. Shipped 9 orders, got 1 big new order, and got word from Martha Stewart Weddings that they’re definitely going to be featuring our Destination postcards in the fall issue!

2. We got a Jetsons-like new DVD player since our $25 model inexplicably gave up on us last week. This new one streams movies from Netflix, Vudu, Amazon and whatever… I don’t know what all of it means, but we had free movie credit from Vudu so we rented Machine Gun Preacher. Cause you know about me and Gerry Butler, right?

I was completely surprised by how inspiring and very good it was. I guess because they throw around the word Jesus too much it never made much of a splash at the box office, and that’s very sad. It’s a great movie. If you can get past the explicit beginning of the movie, it’s smooth sailing from there.

This DVD Blu-Ray movie satellie wi-fi toaster oven word processor remote control rig is pretty cool, but it’s just not the same as wandering the aisles at Blockbuster until you find the perfect movie.

But it’s pretty cool.