#952 Mrs. Jean. Or, JUST Jean.

Jim and Mallorie’s backdoor neighbor happens to be one of my most favorite people from our church, Mrs. Jean Davis. She looks like a retired movie star, her hair always curled just so, in a sweet cashmere sweater with a Chanel bracelet on her wrist. She is the very definition of fabulous. This afternoon she saw Jim in his driveway from her backyard and said hello. She asked what he and Mallorie were up to tonight and he told her they would probably get dinner with the Napiers.

Her eyes lit up, and she said, “Oh heavens! What fun!”

Jim told her that she was welcome to come if she wanted to. And she said, “Let me go call my daughter and tell her I’ll be going out tonight!”

We had no idea she’d actually want to go, but she sure did and we were tickled to death. We picked her up at 6:30 and took her to the Opry House near Collins instead of what we would have normally done (Sweet Peppers for a sandwich).

 Ben was pumped about date night with Mrs. Jean.

She gave me a recipe on the way there that sounds delicious:

On the way home, she said (so sweetly, of course!):

“Can I ask you all to do me a favor? Would you just call me Jean?”

Tonight she was our age, just going to dinner with friends. How cute is she?