#960 Beach Reading.

Since we didn’t have time to spend on the beach getting a tan yesterday, first thing this morning we were on the beach blanket working on ruining our skin at an early age.

But it wasn’t a total loss because while I was damaging myself with UV rays, I was broadening my mind by reading. I couldn’t stop. Couldn’t put it down. I was wading into the ocean with my nose in the book to stay cool, and I was disappointed that I couldn’t finish it in time before we had to head on back home.

A million thanks to my sweet friend Anne for for the best beach blanket on earth!

The book is called Sea Glass and is set in the 1920s just before and during the great depression, and while it started out slow it’s picked up and become fascinating. Don’t you love to read? I do. I forget where I am and visualize the characters as random (and not so random) people I’ve met along the way in life who fit the bill. The houses and rooms and parks in the books are not original, they are places I’ve been and seen that I see in my mind’s eye as I read the words. Isn’t that the best thing? To have this conglomeration of your memories create the identity of a story?

Anyway, it’s a good book. You ought to read it. I’m looking at you, Audrey!