#962 GM Hardwood Floors.

When we uncovered the carpet from the beautiful old original wooden stairs in our house, it didn’t take long to realize Mitter and I would probably have to call in for reinforcements. I’m sure we could’ve managed to make them pretty enough, but I was worried about microscopic splinters and tacks and nails that are almost impossible to find with the naked eye. I’m not into walking up the stairs in the dark at night and soon after finding myself in the ER getting a tetanus shot.

So we called Mike at GM Hardwood Floors, who uncovered and refinished our floors in the loft a couple years ago. It was so difficult finding a hardwood refinishing specialist, and we kept hitting dead ends back then. Finally, someone recommended I call him. And we did. We were so crazy impressed by his craftsmanship, but even more impressed with his prices and speed, which were far cheaper than the cost to put in a characterless new wood floor. We called him on Wednesday and on Thursday he was there, preparing our quote. He said it would cost $500 to completely refinish our stairs (pull up all the micro tacks and nails, triple sand them, stain and seal) and I was on board. I was expecting at least $1-2,000. He said he’d be here at 8:30 today, (we’re talking less than 5 days from the initial phone call to being on his schedule) and he rang our doorbell at 8:10. In 45 minutes, he’d done what took Ben and me 4 days.

He’ll be completely finished in 2 days max, and I can NOT recommend him enough to you folks buying historic homes who want to get back to the original floors. He’s a genius and honest as Abe.