#993 My 27th Year.

Today I turned 27 years old. Per usual, Ben saw to make it more special than the average birthday (see here and here).

He snuck out of bed before the sun came up, but I knew he was up to something so I kept sleeping while the rain fell for the 3rd nonstop day. That’s the best kind of sleep and I didn’t want to miss out. A while later, I woke up to him creeping in in the dark fully dressed. He held me tight, obviously so excited to get the birthday started, kept me in a bear hug kissing my face all over and telling me, “wake up, birthday girl! get dressed cause we’ve got company coming!” I held onto him tight and felt a rush of happiness and an awareness of the blessings God sends us every single day. No one needs this much happiness.

I rushed to get a shower and get dressed and came in to the dining room, as Ben was pinning a ‘birthday girl’ ribbon on my dress, he and Jesse and Jim sang (more like howled) happy birthday. Mallorie had to go in to work and take care of some things in case the weather got bad and we lost power, so I’ll forgive her.

There’s a zebra print ‘happy birthday’ banner strung across the doors, Ben said, “because I know how much you love zebra print things.”

We were having buttermilk biscuits with strawberry jam, cane syrup, sausage and bacon when the doorbell rang. Ben’s brother Sam, our sister-in-law Lyn, and their sweet kiddos were there for the party on their way to Newton to see Ben’s parents. I was tickled to see them! Before long they were back on the road, and I had to do some work for a couple hours. Fast forward to this afternoon, and it was finally gift-opening time.

2 of my gifts were ordered online and haven’t made it here yet, but one of them was ready for giving. He said there was a theme to the gift that required music. I sat in the office while Jesse came in to start the appropriate soundtrack.

Tubthumpin. Which required dancing.

Cause it’s a 90s themed gift.

So I opened it.

One of those Baja blanket sweaters. You know what I’m talking about. I’ve been talking about how I’m gonna bring it back, and he wanted to make sure I was equipped.

It’s too big and it’s a sorta weird color, so we’re exchanging. But I’m pumped. We’re bringing back the 90s.

When we saw a break in the rain for a quick minute, we leashed up the dogs to finally go for a walk for the first time in 2 days without torrential rain. Ben wanted them to be a part of the festivities too, so naturally we tied balloons to their tails and then went for the walk.

Chevy wasn’t into it. In fact, he was certain that the red ball following him was going to kill him.

Then we were on to dinner at my parents’ for my favorite meal in the world, mama’s lasagna!

She (and daddy cause I know he helped pick it out… right) gave me the Park Hill sweet tea candle that I’ve been wanting from the antique mall and I couldn’t stop breathing it in. Mmmmmm… She also gave me an oversized mercury glass candle holder that’s going to be gorgeous on our bookcase.

Now we’re home and Ben tells me he’s also been building something for my birthday, but it’s not finished yet. He says he’s going to show me a photo of what it will be tomorrow, because my birthday will last through the weekend.

Let me tell you something, sweet readers. When you have love like I’ve got, it doesn’t matter if you never get another gift the rest of your life. I couldn’t think of one thing I want in this whole world.

I can’t wait to see what my 27th year will hold.